Detailed Guide on How to Read and Download Urdu Novels

People of Pakistan love to read Urdu Novels, especially women. The favorite hobby of Pakistani women is to read novels in their free time. But this hobby was expensive in the past before internet availability. Because they have to buy a hardcopy of these Novels to read. 

But over time, and with the evolution of the internet in Pakistan, this hobby remains no more expensive, as Kitabnagri comes with soft copies of a wide range of Urdu Novels. Now anyone can read and download any kind of novel for free.

How to Read Urdu Novels Online

So it’s super easy to read any novel in this era of the internet, and Kitabnagri always tries their best to provide the visitor’s favorite novel in a single step. So below is a detailed guide on how to read any novel online.

  1. When you come to any novel post, first you see the heading of that novel.
  2. Just below the heading, you will see an image of that novel and an information table that provides every single detail of that novel.
  3. Then you see 2 buttons, the first one is read online, and the second one is downloaded now.
  4. When you click on the read online button, a PDF file will be one of those novel.
  5. Now, read and enjoy.
How to Read Urdu Novels Online

How to Download Urdu Novels

We always take care of every visitor, and try our best to provide every facility to our audience. So besides reading novels online we also provide the ability to download any novel for our website. So below is a detailed guide on how to download any novel online.

  1. As we already mentioned, every step to read a novel online is in the above steps.
  2. The same steps are being followed to download the novel.
  3. Just click on the download now button, and after a few seconds, a file is being downloaded to your device.
How to Download Urdu Novels

In case, if any file is not open or downloaded. Contact us at [email protected], we will take immediate steps to fix the file.