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There is a list of many famous book authors who won amazing prizes for their stories. As the stories of these authors are based on deep emotions that explore themes like love, loss, and the human experience. You can easily find this novel online and download it as a PDF, so you can read it anytime.

Here is the list of some best Urdu Novel Writers by Kitab Nagri. These roman urdu novels writers are loved by the audience all the time. 

  1. Mehwish Ali is famous novels writer , she writes novels on many topics and her audience really love to read her novels. Mehwish Ali Novels are great source of entertainment for her audience.
  2. Areej Shah is also a fine novels writer, she writes on many sensitive topics like spirituality. Areej Shah Novels are best to read for charater development.
  3. This list cannot complete without the name of Wahiba Fatima, she writes many romantic urdu novels. As Wahiba Fatima Novels are mainly based on love and romance.